21st Century Transportation for America


High Speed Rail is the world's safest form of transportation proven by decades of safe operations. Japan was the first nation to build high speed rail in 1964, and has since transported 10 billion passengers without a single injury or fatality! France has a similar record with their 30 years of high speed rail operations, as do a number of other countries.

The safest mode of transportation in the world
In stark contrast to high speed rail, cars are the most dangerous form of transportation in the world! With constant carnage all across America, our car system kills as many people as a 911 terrorist attack happening every month, year after year! It's quite shocking how little is done about the constant death and destruction taking place on our highways every day.

In contrast, we mobilized in a huge way
in reaction to 911 and started the 'war on terror' and have spent $3 trillion to date. Yet, 10 times more Americans are killed in car accidents EVERY YEAR - the equivalent of 14 times the number of people killed on September 11! In the years since the tragedy of 2001, the number of people that have died on American highways is the equavelant to 224 additional tragic events, and still nothing is done! Every unexpected death is a tragedy, and the senseless loss of life on our highways should be taken just as seriously as terrorist attacks, with a similar scale response.

43,000 people are killed every year in America in car accidents

Dangerous transportation - 43,000 killed every year in the U.S.
Dangerous transportation - 4 million injured every year
"Car accidents in the U.S. cause 1 death every 11 minutes, and an injury every 18 seconds"

4 million people are seriously injured each year in car accidents in America

"The economic cost of car accidents in America is $410 Billion each year"

Fast, safe, comfortable transportation without delay
Decades of high capacity, safe operations
"High speed rail delivers proven safety every train, every day"

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