21st Century Transportation for America

USHSR is leading the nation with our bold vision for a 17,000 mile national high speed rail network. As part of this vision, we have launched the USHSR PROJECT PIPELINE – The Next 10. This new program will accelerate the next wave of high speed rail projects around the country into development. 

The USHSR PROJECT PIPELINE is set up to advance projects from conceptual stage to investment-ready status to attract private investment by:
  • Selecting and presenting projects to develop and move forward
  • Highlighting unique project features, assets, and potential returns
  • Packaging projects with land assets for profitable real estate development around stations
  • Optimizing station locations for highest ridership and real estate development returns
  • Assembling financiers, investors, and development partners to move projects forward
  • Building widespread public, business, and political support for the projects

Projects are currently being selected in regions across America, at various stages of development, and a variety of sizes and conditions. Watch for project announcements!


USHSR.  Making it happen.

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