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Our mission is to build widespread public, business, and political support for a major investment in a national high speed rail network.
Advocate Membership is for people interested in learning more about high speed rail and helping to advance the cause in America.  As an Advocate Member you will be part of the high speed rail revolution, and will help support our efforts to push for wide acceptance of a national HSR system as well as increased funding at the Federal and state levels.  Your support will help advance the Association's legislative and regulatory advocacy, public awareness programs, and US market development efforts.

You will become an important part of USHSR's team, helping to create a sustainable transportation future.  The Association needs your support and activism to help promote better transportation across America.  Your advocate dues and your participation in USHSR activities will help all our efforts and will bring increased strength and influence in support of a sustainable America based around clean, electric rail transportation.

Benefits of Advocate Membership

You get to be part of our growing national network of individuals working to advance high speed rail in America.  You will:

  • Receive a subscription to USHSR's newsletter keeping you up to date on all activities of USHSR, industry news, and events from around the world
  • Receive Action Alerts about specific legislative and regulatory issues that require action
  • Receive invitations to conferences, seminars, training courses, and networking events
  • Receive a discount on USHSR merchandise and educational resources

Note: Advocate Membership does not include conference registration discounts that Business Memberships offer.

Join Now!

Joining as an Advocate Member is a simple 2 step process.

Step one is your basic information, and step two is the payment process.  Send us your information below, then scroll down to the payment buttons.  You must complete both steps for your membership to be complete.



Tell us about yourself - your name, address, email, and interest in high speed rail.  Send this to us by email:  email (@)

After you email us your info, scroll down to the payment section and click the appropriate payment button to put in your credit card information to complete your membership.  For assistance, please call us at 202.248.5001.


Individual Advocate Membership 
Annual Dues:  $75

Student Advocate Membership 
Annual Dues:  $35


Membership Inquiries:  membership (@)

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