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Fast, efficient, affordable, sustainable mobility for all
High speed rail delivers high capacity, fast, safe, efficient, mobility   

High speed rail offers unprecedented mobility unmatched by other modes.  A network of high speed trains can carry more passengers than cars and airplanes combined - using a fraction of the energy, with little or no delays.  Since high speed rail stations are usually located in city centers, many destinations are within easy reach.  This also enables direct connections to regional and commuter rail, metro systems and local light rail lines.  Together, these form efficient, sustainable mobility - the heart of a strong, prosperous economy.   

America is way behind the rest of the world   

"Of the 32 most developed nations, none has a lower percentage of inter-city rail riders than the United States - a mere 0.3 percent.  Unthinkable in Europe, America has metro areas with more than a million people - such as Nashville, Tenn., Columbus, Ohio, Phoenix and Las Vegas - with no inter-city passenger rail of any kind, at any speed."

"Americans who didn't live along the Pacific Coast, in the upper Midwest or between Boston and Washington, DC, rarely saw, much less used, a daily passenger train."

"Over the last 20 years, this rail ridership gap between America and the rest of the industrialized world has only widened, as China, South Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Spain committed hundreds of billions of dollars not just to seamless networks of conventional trains (that is, those that travel at speeds below 125 mph) but to the construction of sleek, electrified, high-speed trains that can exceed 186 mph.  From Shanghai to Madrid, from right-wing to socialist, governments taxed their citizens and granted subsidies or entered into private partnerships to fund their fast trains."

High capacity, efficient transportation

"A single high speed train line can carry the equivalent passengers of a 10 lane freeway"

US transportation paralysis - every city, every day
Fast, efficient mobility - every train, every day

"The average American motorist will spend 6 months of their life waiting for red lights to change, and over 5 years of life stuck in traffic."  -Time Magazine

Driving peaked in America in 2007
Inefficient transportation - constant delays across America
Dangerous transportation - 43,000 killed, millions injured every year

"Road and airport congestion cost America over $156 billion per year in wasted time and fuel"

Thousands of miles of delays and waste daily
Endless, costly delays - every airport, every day
Comparison of vehicles used in standard, domestic commercial service

"High speed rail offers one of the fastest, most efficient, and most comfortable ways to travel over moderate distances between city centers."  -Brian Solomon, Bullet Trains

Fast, safe, comfortable transportation without delay
High capacity, efficient mobility powered by clean electricity

"The French railway system, which is the best in Europe, has been achieved only by very heavy government investment coupled with a complete faith in the value of rail travel." 
-Nicholas Grimshaw,
Modern Trains and Splendid Stations

Fast, easy mobility across France
21st century transportation - France, today

"High speed rail offers travelers a quick, relaxing way to reach their destinations."

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The Most Convenient Form of Transportation Possible
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