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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses our HSR Conference







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UK Major Rail Expansion
Zooming Across Florida
New World Speed Record

In April 2007 a French train set a new world speed record reaching the amazing speed of 357 mph on conventional rails!  Click the photo below to see a video of the record-breaking run.  Watch Video

World Speed Record Video
High Speed 1, United Kingdom
USHSR on FOX Business News
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CNN Richard Quest on Rail Travel
High Speed Trains Around the World
Super High Speed in France
Calatrava TGV Station
TGV Thalys
High Speed South of France
Paris Gare du Nord
New Light Rail Tram, Nice
High Speed Construction >>>                     >>>

Fast flyover Paris to Strasbourg new HSR
View the construction of the entire line...
Watch high speed construction film

This new HSR line was recently completed, and was the location for the recent French world high speed rail record.  Watch speed record film
High Speed Construction >>>                     >>>

Amazing Track Laying and Replacement Machine From Germany
Watch the machine switch out wood ties for concrete, lay track, etc.
Watch the machine work
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Swiss Tunnel Breakthrough >>

World's longest tunnel under the Alps connects!

View the breakthrough video

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UK Major Rail Expansion
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