21st Century Transportation for America


21st Century Rail Transportation for America

State of the art in trains   

High speed trains are the central component of a high speed rail system. The other key components include special high performance dedicated track, and advanced signalling systems. High speed trains are specially designed and assembled as secure 'trainsets' to operate at speeds of 186 - 225 mph. Technologically sophisticated and visually impressive, these trains are being built and expanded all over the world. They are sleek, fast, and comfortable, and offer a variety of amenities that make traveling and commuting a relaxing pleasure.

The New ITALO, now operating across Italy!
Germany, from the driver's seat

China - 1200 trainsets operating  France - 600 trainsets operating  Japan - 450 trainsets operating  Spain - 300 trainsets operating  USA - 20 trainsets operating

Check out the global HSR fleet   

2,500 high speed trainsets operating!

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Japan, Nozomi 500
Japan, Tsubame express
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Argentina... coming soon
France at 357mph
Japan, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Tiawan, Spain, China, Italy, France
Efficiency and style united
Designing the Future
France, TGV Interior Seating
TGV Interior
Spain, Cafe Car
France, TGV Lounge Car
New Lacroix Designed TGV Interiors
Eurostar, London
"Running from horizon to horizon, highly polished rails shimmer in the morning sun. It is quiet, but then the rails start to quiver and reverberate... the air suddenly moves... a sucking sound... and WHOOSH!! Four hundred tons of metal blitz by. As quick as it came it's gone, the vibrating overhead wires twitching and resonating with an alien sound are the only traces of its passing.

The sheer exhilaration of seeing a high speed train flat out at maximum speed is astonishing. Human senses are not prepared to take in a massive train rocketing along the ground at 3 miles a minute or faster."  -Brian Solomon, Bullet Trains

Spain at 200 mph
ITALO... The Ferrari Train zoming across Italy
HSR Express
France, TGV First Class Seating
TGV Tourist Class Seating
Germany, ICE Train with on-board conference room
Spain, Cafe Car
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